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We are not a conventional racing team.

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See you on the racetrack

We have made a career out of our passion. There is a name for all of this: rider.
On the racetrack and around the curbs, what counts is not gender but the species you belong to. And ours never gives up.
We like to win, especially when it’s not easy.
If you ask us which is the female side of the motorbike, we’ll tell you that there’s only one. Ahead.

Who we are

Sara Sanchez - 511 Racing team

Sara Sánchez

Born in Barcelona in 1997, she was the first rider to join the 511 Racing Team.
She started racing when she was 9 years old, and since then she has competed in various categories.
She was the 2021 Women’s European Cup Runner-Up.
She is ready for a new challenge in the 2022 female-only WEC championship, and for the first time ever she will be competing in the CIV Supersport 300 against male riders.

Jessica Howden

Born in Cape Town in 2003, she joined the 511 Racing Team and immediately set a record as the first South African female to sign a contract in Europe as a professional rider.
After last season’s wild card, in 2022 she will race in the Women's European Cup as an official rider, striving to break more records.

Jessica Howden - 511 Racing team
Lucrezia Vercelloni - 511 Racing team

Lucrezia Vercelloni

Lucrezia started tinkering with single-cylinder bikes when she was 16 years old, and ever since then her passion for engines has continued to grow. Among other exploits, she is also an MMA fighter: you can bet no one will ever dare complain about the bike.

Alessandra Mancini

Data Analyst Engineer
Alessandra hits the racetracks since she was 3 years old, following her father’s footsteps – or, better the former motocrosser’s trajectories.
She tailors the bike to the rider according to the track and conditions.
Meet 511’s Data Analyst Engineer.

Alessandra Mancini - 511 Racing team
Sabrina Mancini - 511 Racing team

Sabrina Zuppelli

Team coordinator
Since she was a child, she has loved speed, and over time I swapped the ice rink for the racetrack, moving from Holland to Italy.
And she has never stopped – Now she’s too busy "fuelling" the team!

Sylvie Corti

Sylvie’s passion for mechanics is in her DNA. First her grandfather, followed by her father and nowadays by Sylvie herself, they all got their hands dirty with engine oil. Not forgetting her mother, who is a fanatical rider. After the red-head, the blonde, here is the brunette... this season’s pits are multicoloured!

Sylvie Corti - 511 Racing team
Alessandra Panetta - 511 Racing team

Alessandra Panetta

Team Physician
Alessandra, AKA Penny, visits the paddock with her steady hand and her eyes sharp: she is both an amateur rider and a race medic, always attentive to pilot’s well-being. During the season, we will count on her to provide medical and physical support to the riders, safe in the knowledge that, for her, working on the body of the rider is just as important as preparing the bike for a race.

Ayrton Badovini

Coach and athletic trainer
In the saddle since he was 5 years old, Ayrton Badovini became Italian Junior “A” Champion in 1996. From the Aprilia Challenge, through the mono-marque Ducati 748, all the way to the World Superstock 1000, he has always succeeded in grabbing the spotlight, going so far as to win entry to the World Superbike Competition. In 2010 he returned to the Superstock 1000 Worlds, where he won nine of his ten races, scooping the title and leaving the other competitors far behind. Later years have seen him alternate between the Superbike World Championship – where he achieved two podium places – and the Supersport World Championship, where he won the Sepang race. In recent years, he has contested the Italian Superbike Championship. In 2022, he withdrew from competitive racing to become coach and athletic trainer for the riders of the WithU 511 Racing Team.

Ayrton Badovini - 511 Racing team
Lucia Valenti - 511 Racing team

Lucia Valenti

Lucia, aged 20, is the youngest member of the 511 Racing Team, burning with a passion that she wants to turn into a profession. Having spent innumerable weekends watching motorbike races on TV, her desire to enter motorsport led her, after her technical studies, onto a training course at the MTS Motorsport Technical School in Monza.
Having completed the ‘basic course’, on which she learned the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, even before finishing the ‘course for racing mechanics’ she got the call from the team manager Sandra Stammova and was taken on as an intern in the team. A bright future awaits this promising youngster.

Special Projects

Alessandro Delbianco

Born in Rimini in 1997, Alessandro has always had a passion for two-wheelers. He made his debut in the CIV (Italian Speed Championships) Moto 3 in 2014, achieving two podium places. The next year he clocked up yet another place on the podium, with his first victory coming in 2016. In 2018, he moved to the Superstock World Championships, where he won a podium place, and in 2019 he was promoted to the Superbike World Championship. In 2020, he competed in the Italian Superbike Championship, and the next year was Italian runner-up in the category, with seven appearances on the podium and three pole positions. This year he is set to be a leading name in the ELF CIV SBK championship, riding with the Aprilia team. Alessandro represents the other side of the team, providing support to emerging talents.
Alessandro Delbianco
Homo Faber

Charity projects

WithU 511 Racing Team supports Homo Faber, a charitable social co-operative that works within Bassone prison in Como, Italy, and aims to give male and female inmates an opportunity for rehabilitation, as well as training and personal development.
The objective is to support what is a very serious organisation – one that is capable of helping the prison’s male and female detainees to make the most of their skills, fostering their sense of dignity through education and training programmes geared towards supporting them on a career path, thus facilitating their re-entry into society.

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